Reading of "Deep Dark Waters"

Deep Dark Waters

It’s so lonely of you
To sit and watch the tide stop at midday
And roll back to the abyss
From which memories and dreams have come
And faded into
And faded away
And born again like a swift change of wind
Opening the sails of a sinking ship
Pushing up the wings of a dove
With nowhere to go
With no home
Except the sea
Flying above
Looking down into the deep blue
A fullness that is empty
That glistens on the surface
But is truly dark, cold, and deep beneath

It’s so lonely of you
To sit on the edge
Watching the white tide
Fizz over the hot sand
And letting its coolness splash on your hot skin
But all too quickly fade away
And the sun is on you
Drying the droplets that remain
And the sand beneath you burns like the sand in the dessert
And you, the cactus, tapped
Cool water leaving you from the wound
Dripping down you to the hot sand
But the sun bears down
Sucking it up with its heat
And the tide comes back to meet it
But it’s dying, dripping, drying
And the sun is burning
And the tide is coming closer
Closer, closer
But it is fading
And the tide is here
But all it meets is dry, hot sand
And it cringes, clenches
And turns away

~Written and read by Danielle Raver

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  1. Great blog!! It's a beautiful poem, and I love that you recorded it. (Even with the iffy mic! ^_-)

  2. Thanks Shera :) Told my hubby to buy me a new mic (we'll see how long that takes :)