Character Highlight: Denire, the Rogue Knight

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To celebrate Denire's lead, the following is a character highlight on Denire.

My inspiration for Denire actually came from a picture I saw in a knight with a cloak in a medieval magazine (which I cannot find) but here are some pictures that were similar:

(not my art)

 The reader first meets Denire when he ambushes the three brothers on their journey through Miscia. Here is an excerpt from the scene:

The three brothers drew back their reins. The horses neighed, startled and agitated. A rider on a black horse suddenly appeared in their path. The rider pulled the reins of his shifting horse as he gazed at them from beneath a helmet that shadowed his eyes.
“Young travelers, a word,” he said.
The brothers were uneasy, but stayed their hands, held over their swords. Their shock left them and they examined the rider. He was lightly armored in chain, a blue tunic and cape draped over his sturdy shoulders and down the sides of his steed. Intricately tooled leather, they noticed, held a sword at his waist. The same leather decorated the girdle of his horse, now pumping its head and snorting at them. They moved their horses back a few steps, close to each other.
“He is a soldier of Arnith,” Fasime whispered.
“How did he find us?” Oman asked in a speculative tone.
“We should order him back,” Fasime stated, glaring at the rider but waiting.
“No, then he would know who we are,” Syah warned.
The rider’s horse shifted again but he held him back. “I need to speak with you,” the soldier said in a tactful, compelling voice.
“Why have you tried to ambush us?” Oman demanded.
“You should not be here,” the stranger answered. “I am a knight of Arnith. You three need to come with me.”

 (this of course is the wrong time period but I looked at this picture a lot while writing Denire - I liked the dark moodiness of it)

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