Battles, Sieges, and Wars of Brother Betrayed

Brother Betrayed by Danielle Raver
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There are two elements of battle in this novel. First, the main characters are often engaged in hand to hand combat, their chosen weapons usually being swords. To write these scenes with some historical accuracy, I studied different types of swords and their uses in combat. It helps that my husband collects swords and built his own forge in the back yard. 

The other element of warfare in Brother, Betrayed comes from the main kingdom being at constant war with the surrounding tribes. These battles I modeled after battles fought in the Crusades. Though set in a fantasy world, there is a strong emphasis on knights, archers, cavalry, and siege weapons and tactics. 

Several sequences in Brother, Betrayed were based on the Siege of Antioch, where a small number of soldiers defended against a large army in the First Crusade.
An excerpt from a hand to hand combat scene from Brother, Betrayed:

The large man stepped back, drawing his sword. Syah watched him grasp the hilt with both hands and then stand still. “You strike first,” Malgar said, as usual, “gradually to start.”
Syah nodded again as he drew his sword. His mind moved ahead of his actions, calculating the trainer’s moves, his vulnerabilities with a larger, slower sword. The prince moved towards him, swinging his blade downward and stepping to the side.
Malgar parried. “Good, and again,” he ordered.
Syah turned and swung at him from the other side. The trainer parried again and the prince tried at him from a different angle.
“Now faster,” Malgar ordered, stepping back to avoid the prince’s novice blade. The prince could feel his breathing grow shallow and his pulse quicken. He felt a rush of energy, his mind clear, thinking ahead of his strikes, evaluating and executing.
“Good,” Malgar said, “now defend.” Syah changed his stance to block the trainer’s sword. He saw the man’s direction; he watched the position of his sword, predicting his actions. Syah felt satisfaction as he was able to block each of Malgar’s attacks.
“Very nice, you defend well,” the trainer praised. “You know the moves well. Now we’ll increase the speed.”
Syah shifted his sword as Malgar came towards him. The prince held his ground a moment, but stepped back after blocking several quick attacks. Malgar moved forward again. Syah glanced at the trainer’s face, seeing his eyes were narrow, resolute, angry. Syah tightened his hands on the hilt and continued to defensively position his sword to prevent Malgar’s attacks from following through. The weapons master pushed forward, but Syah was close to the wall and had no room to maneuver. The man’s flashing sword came at him faster; although the prince was able to block it, it was becoming more difficult. Syah tried to move to a more open position away from the wall, but his adversary’s sword prevented him.
Malgar emitted a low, furious battle cry and Syah shuddered.

The wars drive the tension between the brothers as they each try to prove their usefulness to the kingdom. Oman, the eldest, is schooled on war by the king:

“A battle is fluid, my son. We do not plan for a single moment, but a series of possible events.”
“Yes Father,” Oman answered.
“Commander Lenpece, you will lead the majority of our mounted troops behind the Marrian army and wait until we engage them. Then you will herd them towards the hills, where Oman will be waiting with a company of fighters and archers. We will keep some cavalry with the main force in case they decide to send archers to the hills to the west. And I will await them, blocking their way to Bafonville. They will perceive us as a possible victory, a fair fight, and perhaps they will grow spine enough to engage us in open battle.”
Oman watched his men gather around him as the king left, awaiting orders. The king looked back to him after mounting. “Shall the skies shine on our victory today,” he said and tugged on the reins.
“We shall let the king and his army gain ground. When the Marrians see him they will slow their advance. We desire our presence to be secret, so we will approach with care, and gain the opposite side of the hill, out of sight. It will be imperative that they see the king’s army first and decide to match them. We will attack at the opportune moment, giving their army a chance to pass us. When the king’s army tears them down and they retreat, they will be exposed to our attack from the hill. Mount, we will ride until we can see the eastern hills in the distance. Tell the archers to follow behind us. Be wary of enemy scouts crossing the area.” The prince mounted and was followed by his host of soldiers and knights.

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New Fantasy Books / Books Similar to Brother Betrayed

Was perusing the books that customers bought who also bought Brother, Betrayed and wanted to give a SHOUT OUT to these other authors. I'm privileged to be on a list with these fine books!

Chronicles of Kale by A Dragon's Awakening
by Aya Knight

Kale Firehart is a young dragon, and the sole survivor of his race. As a tyrannical general and his massive bloodthirsty army close in on Kale—the most unexpected circumstance transpires. With time against him, Kale’s trusted friend, a veteran arcane sorcerer, transforms him into the one thing he despises most—a human. Kale must unwillingly live among human-kind as he embarks upon an extraordinary journey. With a band of unlikely friends by his side, can Kale overcome the obstacles before him and return to the life he once knew? The age of dragons is all but over...

A Storm of Swords
by George R. R. Martin

Like the first two books, A Storm of Swords could coast on the fundamentals: deftly detailed characters, convincing voices and dialogue, a robust back-story, and a satisfyingly unpredictable plot. But it's Martin's consistently bold choices that set the series apart. Every character is fair game for the headman's axe (sometimes literally), and not only do the good guys regularly lose out to the bad guys, you're never exactly sure who you should be cheering for in the first place.

Mageborn: The Blacksmith's Son (Book 1)
by Michael G. Manning

Mordecai’s simple life as the son of a blacksmith is transformed by the discovery of his magical birthright. As he journeys to understand the power within him he is drawn into a dangerous plot to destroy the Duke of Lancaster and undermine the Kingdom of Lothion. Love and treachery combine to embroil him in events he was never prepared to face. What he uncovers will change his understanding of the past, and alter the future of those around him.

Infinity Blade: Awakening
by Brandon Sanderson

Trained from birth in swordplay and combat, a young knight named Siris has journeyed to the Dark Citadel with a single purpose: fight through the army of Titans to face the tyrannical God King in one-on-one combat. This was his father’s sacred mission, and his father’s before him, going back countless generations in an effort to free their people from enslavement. But when Siris somehow succeeds where all those from his bloodline previously have failed, he finds himself cast into a much larger world, filled with warriors and thieves, ancient feuds and shifting alliances, Deathless immortals and would-be kings. His quest for freedom will take him on an epic journey in search of the mythical figure known as the Worker of Secrets – the one being in the world who can unravel the secrets of the Infinity Blade.

The Last Good Knight
by Connie J.Jasperson

Swashbucklers, pirates, sword fighting courageous Knights and Fair maidens abound in The Last Good Knight. In the tradition of a Wilbur Smith and Michael Crichton's Medieval block buster Timeline. Action abounds, it this historical fiction account.
From slaying dragons, to rescuing the King's Whore, to secret missions for good King Henri, no job is too big or too small for the Great Knight, Sir Julian Lackland. But what happens when the only one still willing to take on the bad jobs is too old to be doing them? How does a hero retire from the business of saving people?

The Bindings of Fate (Book One of The Child of the Stars Trilogy)
by Michael DeAngelo

Heroes Will Rise. Cities Will Fall.
The realm of Tellest is filled with bloodlust, greed and violence. Long has the world been thrust into turmoil, driven by the insatiable urge of man's conquest, and whatever rewards can be earned from the end of a blade.
But so, too, are the lands a place of courage, valor and sacrifice. Brave men and women across the world will stand up to the tyranny of the power-hungry kings, or be swept away by it.
Kaos Kreegan is a man haunted by memories of the past. To survive in the harsh world that evolves around him, he needs to rely on his wits and his friends to bring evil to justice, and avenge the wrongs that have been done to him. Along the way, he will discover that Tellest carries many surprises - and so does he

The Kinshield Legacy
K.C. May

A mysterious stone tablet with five magical gems has sat abandoned in a cave for two hundred years. The kingdom is in ruins, with only warrant knights to keep the peace. But then, the gems in the tablet, one by one, disappear.

Warrant knight Gavin Kinshield is a man of many secrets. He's the one deciphering the runes in the tablet. Unless he can find a suitable replacement, he'll be Thendylath's next king. All he really wants is the letter written by his ancestor Ronor Kinshield, the last man to see King Arek alive... a letter he must earn by tracking down a common thief.

But when Gavin saves a woman's life, what should have been a simple task draws him face-to-face with his nightmarish past... and the truth of King Arek's demise.

The Young Magician (The Legacy Trilogy)
by Michael Foster

Every known age has not ended well, to say the least. Entire continents have been decimated time and time again at the hands of the demon hordes, forcing civilisation to start over in every instance, all culture and art and history destroyed. Now, in the last days before the gates of hell fall open again, it seems as if all efforts to avert disaster have failed, but for one small sliver of hope. A boy is found whose potential is unequalled, a boy who could hold the secret to the demons' realm, a boy who could be the very salvation of man. But not even the Order's greatest champions could guess the true secrets hidden away deep inside of this boy, secrets that could ultimately destroy them all. Commended in the Austalian Literary Awards, The Young Magician begins a remarkable tale.

Brother, Betrayed
by Danielle Raver
(my book)

"One brother will betray the others with such treachery that it will change the destiny of Miscia forever."
The three princes hear this prophecy, and they will discover how far it will drive them to explore love, loyalty, and their own souls.

The princes are bound by loyalty to each other and their kingdom. When conflict comes to their land, their ascension into power is darkened by betrayal.

Oman, eldest and Anteria's promised king, leads his brothers on their journey through Arnith.

Fasime, driven by passion, seeks a life of romance and adventure.

Syah, born the ailing youngest brother of these two outgoing princes, endeavours to overcome his bleak destiny through pursuit of knowledge and magic... a quest that may reveal unknown power within his own soul.

A tale woven with deception, war, sacrifice, and magic, BROTHER, BETRAYED takes readers to a troubled kingdom surrounded by barbarians, magical races, and forbidden boundaries.

The Dream War: Book One The Royal Seal
by Nick Alex

In the early ages, the world of Oniro was plagued by a frightening evil. Grotesque creatures roamed the land, wyverns filled the skies, and demonic, misshapen men plotted destruction and control. The strongest armies in existence stood no chance. In its current state, Oniro was lost.

Shadows: Book of Aleth, Part One
by Michael Duncan

A stolen text... When the Book of Aleth is stolen, Aaron, captain of the Royal Guard, is ordered by Emperor Therion to reclaim the ancient tome. The mission thrusts Aaron into a world he's never known--a world of elves and dwarves, races long thought extinct; a world where everything he has known and believed is a lie.

A secret past... Forced to challenge his long-held beliefs, Aaron and his companions, two soldiers of the Royal Guard and two men of the Dwarvish kingdom of Brekken-Dahl, set out on a quest to recover the Book. Aaron resolves to discover the truth, and rescue the empire he is sworn to protect.

by Lee Taylor

Ursine Edwards was a normal, well-adjusted teenager prior to summer vacation. Now, he has unintentionally married a demon, fallen into line with a wolf-pack, and is being hunted by witches as well as the government, who are all in turn trying to use Ursine for their own devices.

Soul Seeker: A Novel of Lasniniar
by Jacquelyn Smith

What if, in a world where every elf's destiny is an open book, you were the only one whose fate was unknown? Iarion's quest for meaning has spanned millennia. Now ancient, dark powers are rising, and he may be the only one who can stop them. Joined by the unlikeliest of companions, treachery looms from within and without. How far would you go in your search for answers? Purchase of this 130,000 word novel includes an excerpt of the prequel, Light Chasers. (Forthcoming.)

Spy Glass (Glass Trilogy)
by Maria V Snyder

An undercover mission leads to danger, adventure and an impossible choice. After siphoning her own blood magic in the showdown at Hubal, Opal Cowan has lost her powers. She can no longer create glass magic. More, she's immune to the effects of magic. Opal is now an outsider looking in, spying through the glass on those with the powers she once had, powers that make a difference in the world. Until spying through the glass becomes her new power. Suddenly, the beautiful pieces she makes flash in the presence of magic. And then she discovers that someone has stolen some of her blood - and that finding it might let her regain her powers. Or know it could be they are lost forever.

Return of the Dragon Riders: Book Two of the Dragon Stone Saga
by Kristian Alva

The evil emperor Vosper gathers his troops in the east, poised to conquer the entire continent. His target is the rebel city of Parthos, a constant thorn in his side, and the last sanctuary of the Dragon Riders. Besieged from all sides, the remaining Dragon Riders come out of hiding. Forced to fight for their lives, they leave the safety of the desert, traveling across the land to gather intelligence and shore up forgotten alliances. At the center of it all is Elias Dorgumir, the key to an ancient prophesy, and Vosper will do anything to get his hands on him. Is it too late for the Dragon Riders to save Elias and stop Vosper from destroying the only refuge they have left?

Upcoming Dothan Event: Book Signing at Red House Books

Event Details
10am – 5pm on Saturday, December 10th
Red House Book
2013 South Oates St
Dothan, AL (334) 792 - 1472
Local author Danielle Raver will be signing copies of her fantasy novel Brother Betrayed at Red House Books on Saturday. Danielle is a former Troy graduate who now teaches elementary school in Ozark. She has been writing fantasy novels since childhood, and in January of this year signed with Fantasy Island Book Publishing, an up and coming publishing company based in Indiana. Brother Betrayed is a high action fantasy with Shakespearean and Greek tragedy themes. Since its release in April, Brother Betrayed has become a best seller on Amazon.
Danielle Raver with Store Manager Teressa Nyman

For more information search for Danielle Raver, Author on Facebook.