City of Silver

A dystopian fantasy novella about a young woman who finds out the truth of her world through her dreams.

Meet the Characters


Every night Benita dreams. She envisions her home is a beautiful city of clean, silver buildings. She dreams of a queen banished for not sharing the secret of her powers. And when she wakes, nothing she sees matches what she dreamed. The city she lives in is crowded with trash and debris, and the structures are covered with thick grime. She must decide what's more real: the world she has known since birth, that she can touch and see, or the world she dreams, that she feels with her heart.


Benita first meets Raven on the streets of Argentar, but she has seen him before that moment. In her dreams, he tried to protect the queen when the people of the city rebelled.

Raven earns Benita's trust, and captures her imagination with amazing demonstrations of magic. But when Benita starts to realize the truth, Raven hesitates to allow her to reach her true potential.


Jomicolis is the banished queen of Argentar. With the help of her four companions, she helped to construct the shields that protect the city from the wastelands.

For many years Jomicolis protected and ruled over the city. But the people became restless, and the governing council blamed her, and her mysterious powers. The council demanded she revealed the secrets to her magic, and when she refused, she was stripped of rulership of the city.

She still remains part of the city, hoping some day the people will possibly see the truth and start to dream again.

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