Fire Born

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The novel that started me writing was this novel. Seventeen years ago sitting at the kitchen table with my brother, I jotted down a scene in a notebook. The story has grown up with me, literally. She is my life's work.

Set two generations after Brother, Betrayed the story of Fire Born begins. Miscia is in shambles. The three human kingdoms, in a temporary peace, still collide with the magical kingdoms to the north and west. As Shirr, banished heir of Anteria and king of the Wastelands, stages his return to power, a child is born in the kingdom of Oman. A child born with a destiny... and a curse.

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Here is a taste:

Excerpt from Chapter One of Fire Born

Two enormous masses collided, transferring their energy into a vibration of air, earth, and stone. Teeth and claw, deadly to mortal flesh, scratched against scales like swords on a grinding wheel. The larger, by far the stronger, gained hold of the smaller's torso, though a slash of claw across his neck tried to prevent him. With a thrust of his powerful legs, the beast hurled the victim into the stone wall.

Personal Sketches and Drawings: