Author Bio

Danielle Raver grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota. When she was a girl, she and her older brother used to sit at their father’s table and create stories, competing to see who could write the most. Eventually that game evolved into fantasy fiction writing, and Brother, Betrayed was the result.

As she grew up, she continued to write. She spent her free time escaping into Miscia, her fantasy world. She says that her characters were “…a part of my life as my family and friends. I dream of scenes, and they haunt me until I can write them out.”

Danielle is a counselor and the mother of three. Besides writing, she loves drawing, reading the classics, studying foreign languages, and attempting to garden. She adores romantic paintings, classical and folk music, lasagna, and cheesecake, and she always makes a wish at 11:11. She lives in Alabama with her children and her husband, Jason.