Cool New Alternative Rock Song

I happened by this song by Jordan Parvex on SoundCloud this week.

Jordan explains his inspiration for the song was being hurt and betrayed by someone he trusted dearly.

Lyrics to Brother Betrayed by Jordan Parvex

you’ve got a look that can break stone
and an attitude like you're on a throne
you think you can rule the world.
you have these eyes that can pierce my soul
and instead of a heart, you have a hole
you think you can rule the world.


come on stop kidding yourself
your just a kid left on a shelf
and the worlds broken you down
you’re just their puppet now.


all that’s left of you is a hollow shell
you put a price up for your soul to sell
and now the world rules you.
you made a promise to never change
too bad your dead and we’re estranged
and now the world rules you.


you’re heartless
you’re soulless
you’re loveless
you loved this
you’ve lost this
your broken
so goodbye
to you
you’re one of them now.

(chorus x2)

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Betrayed by a Brother

Now you are under a curse and driven from the ground, which opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand.
~ Genesis 4:11

Early stories of brotherly betrayal have been ingrained upon our society's psyche. Like the biblical story of Cain and Abel, when brother betrays brother, the act is especially heinous. 

Stories of brotherly betrayal survive in popular culture. In the recent movie Thor by Paramount, based on the comic book series by Marvel, the god Thor is betrayed by his adopted brother Loki.

 However, the legends of Norse Mythology do tell of betrayal between these two gods. As the myth goes, Thor is poisoned by a snake, whom he fights partially due to the deception of Loki.

Loki is tied up by the gods and forced to drink the poison of a snake as punishment. When the poison falls on him, his body trembles, causing earthquakes, according to the Norse myth.

 Another ancient story of brother betraying brother comes from Egyptian mythology. Osiris was tricked by this brother-in-law Set into a coffin, and was drowned in the Nile.

Osiris was later resurrected by his wife, Isis, after she found the jeweled coffin and put together the dismantled pieces of his body.

Jesus warned of brotherly betrayal when he spoke to his disciples before his crucification:
"Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child. Children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death."
~ Mark 13:12

Another biblical reference to brotherly betrayal comes from
Jeremiah 12:6
"For even your brothers, and the house of your father, even they have dealt treacherously with you; even they have cried aloud after you: don't believe them, though they speak beautiful words to you."

From Greek mythology, the ultimate tragic betrayal perpetuates the sad tale of Oedipus. Eteocles and Polyneices, the sons of the cursed Oedipus, vow to share their kingdom after Oedipus falls into grief. 

The tale climaxes when Eteocles and Polyneices battle for Thebes, and kill each other in the process.

Tweets about being "betrayed by a brother"

Over the last month, I have collected tweets from that came up on the search of the keywords "brother" and "betrayed".

MaricelaGlez (:@maricelaa_G Why does my dog refuse to sleep with me? She betrayed me with my brother.
Lucifer@BunkBuddy come to that because that pesky brother of his would find a way to "fix him" and he did. By finding the other angel that betrayed him. =
Aj Velez@ThatKid_INKd Can't believe my own brother betrayed me the way he did ...
MaricelaGlez (:@maricelaa_G Why does my dog refuse to sleep with me? She betrayed me with my brother.
AMAdA ;)@Ehts_AMAdA My mom left to wallieworld with my brother i feel betrayed:/
Mary♥TW☺☮ @MaryThompsonxo_  Brother betrayed me and watched the final harry potter *le cry*
Ezra Capucion@jadeaezra  Grabe. I feel like a betrayed Ate. My brother blocked me off facebook. I hate his girlfriend forever!! If I see her in this house I swear..
Rachael Wallace@RWallace20 Finally got to sunriver... It's so weird not being on Vacation with my brother #Betrayed
aileen @aileenSAID Scar is a GDI ... He betrayed his brother in the worst of times
Shamiya Neely@lovelylooksz Lion King, scar betrayed mufasa. Legend of the Guardians, that one brother betrayed the other. These movies teach u can't trust family. Lol
Tifa Wirarini @tifa_wirarini Whoever advises his brother concerning a matter, knowing that correct guidance lies in another direction, has betrayed him.
Luther Carson Jr.@Luthaaa93 I feel so betrayed by one of my closest friends who I consider a brother smh
Lauren@LauTha_BOSS ive never felt so betrayed by my brother until now
❥cαяσʟ@Carol_xox Ryan Giggs is worse tho!! Prick!! Betrayed his brother. #LateLate
Sarah Alaimo@chickennugget8D And when my brother betrayed me I knew I was worthless.
Shanaka Perera@Shanaka_Shana Dear India, You badly betrayed your own little brother. Shame on you.............
Jenerator@_REFINNEJ_ My own brother betrayed me
$treet Runner$™ @ItsMeCoxx Brother Betrayed Me; Trust No One!!
chase hensley@chase_____1 betrayed by brother..
amanduhlanaee@miss_amanduhh I have a brother,but at this moment I don't feel like I do...#betrayed.
Lauren@LauTha_BOSS ive never felt so betrayed by my brother until now

On a Personal Note
 Some of my favorite brotherly stories come from movies I watched as a kid. The relationship between the brothers in Legends of the Fall is fascinating to me.

Not to mention there's just something about Brad Pitt as a vengeful farmer-boy.

And in The Lion King, my heart hurt when Mufasa pleaded with Scar to save his life.

I enjoyed the movie Four Brothers, a movie based on The Sons of Katie Elder, and is the story of four brothers who seek to avenge the murder of their adopted mother in Detroit.

Not to mention that I'm in love with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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