Cool New Alternative Rock Song

I happened by this song by Jordan Parvex on SoundCloud this week.

Jordan explains his inspiration for the song was being hurt and betrayed by someone he trusted dearly.

Lyrics to Brother Betrayed by Jordan Parvex

you’ve got a look that can break stone
and an attitude like you're on a throne
you think you can rule the world.
you have these eyes that can pierce my soul
and instead of a heart, you have a hole
you think you can rule the world.


come on stop kidding yourself
your just a kid left on a shelf
and the worlds broken you down
you’re just their puppet now.


all that’s left of you is a hollow shell
you put a price up for your soul to sell
and now the world rules you.
you made a promise to never change
too bad your dead and we’re estranged
and now the world rules you.


you’re heartless
you’re soulless
you’re loveless
you loved this
you’ve lost this
your broken
so goodbye
to you
you’re one of them now.

(chorus x2)

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  1. thanks for the lyrics! you actually make my day with this stuff!