Cover for City of Silver

My fabulous cover artist Walt Barna has agreed to create the cover art for my upcoming novella City of Silver. I met Walt through the forums on Deviant Art.

Unlike the cover for my first novel, Brother Betrayed, I didn't give Walt specific directions for City of Silver. Instead I asked him to draw whatever he was inspired to after he read the story.

Here are is sketches and drawing in sequential order. I saved the best for last :)

Initial Concept Sketch

 Walt chose to depict Benita, the main character of the story, sleeping. Benita doesn't understand why even though most people in the city of Argentar only dream a few times in their lives, she dreams every night.

Pencil Sketch
Excerpt from City of Silver:

Mom gives me a serious look. “I think it’s time you tell me about these dreams.”
I sigh when she sits with me on the bed. Feeling guilty – like I’m telling some secret – I scorn myself, knowing that it’s all made up in my head.
Well, there’s this woman...”

 Complete Black and White Concept Sketch
This version includes two figures on the top corners of the cover. On the left is Raven. Benita first meets Raven in her dreams, then he appears in real life as a guide and messenger. On the right is Jomicolis, the banished queen of Argentar.

Completed Cover
In the final version of the cover several important details come forward. The purity of the city is a core theme of the story. As far as the flowers, the shaded figures, and the floating girl, you'll have to read the story to understand their significance.

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