Why I Write Fantasy

At times I ponder what it would be like to be a science fiction, romance, or chic lit author. I have attempted to write in other genres, but have been unable to get into the story.

I believe there are two reasons for this: my love of fantasy literature and writing fantasy is a means of escape.

I love reading fantasy books. My mother had a book on her shelf called The Forgotten Beasts of Eld. I was already interested in fantasy because of the early Final Fantasy games (we are talking FFII). I adored Patricia McKillip's book, and I asked my mother if I could have it. Since them I have read it over thirty times. I also enjoyed the early Lord of the Rings movies (the cartoons). It wasn't until I met my husband that I read them. In high school I became a fan of the Dragonlance Chronicles by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis. I also played a little D&D (honest, my character was a conjurer name Crosenia - she is still alive).

Though I have been told that I could be more successful writing realistic or literary fiction, I look at the success of recent fantasy authors and I think that maybe my daydreaming will one day have a purpose.

Danielle Raver

Author of Brother, Betrayed
now available on Kindle and Nook

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Pressing Send

     After sixteen years of writing I finally did it. I made the proclamation that my writing was good enough to be let free and be publicized.

     I won't tell you how long I lingered the cursor over the 'send' button. Today I am remembering my childhood. My generation was fed: "You can do anything if you try" and "You can be anything you want to be." But along the way to adulthood those beliefs are replaced by the realities of life. Bills must be paid. Being an artist does not pay the bills.

     Today I sent a finished product to a publisher. Out into the world a piece of my heart goes. Though my journey as a published author is just beginning, I can share with you my experiences thus far. My battle over self-doubt. Letting down my guard. Learning to pick my battles about what I consider makes good writing.
     Writers, wanting to become published authors, are offered a multitude of avenues. I will share my journey, and perhaps help another who is braving this dream.