The year was 1999. Everyone was worried about Y2K. Everyone was planning the party of the millennium. They one day wanted to be able to answer the question: "What did you do when the year turned 2000?" with something worth remembering and sharing.

Not me. The young high school age Danielle was thinking... in 12 years it will be 2011. Something that hasn't happened in 1000 years will be happening again. I began planning for the date 11/11/11.

As my author biography alludes, I do always make a wish when I see the clock on 11:11. I know that in numerology 11/11 is significant. Some sources claim that it is a combination of numbers that means insight and inspiration. 11 has just always been my lucky number.

It wasn't until the beginning of this year that I decided what I wanted to do on 11/11/11. With the editing almost finished with my novel, I thought I might could finish it by November and hold a book release party on that special day. That would be something worth remembering, special enough to tell my children and grandchildren about, someday.

Then in March of this year I met J. D. Hall at Fantasy Island Book Publishing. Just weeks before I had received this fortune at the Chinese restaurant I frequent:

The fortune proved true. Fantasy Island Book Publishing has helped to make my dream a reality. 11/11/11 is fast approaching, and I plan to celebrate to the best of my ability. Join us.


  1. That is so true Danielle! We were sooo lucky.

  2. There is NOT a more deserving young lady than you! Your book, your desire to share this story is so deserving of what is to come.

    Thank you for sharing this blessing with us!