"Alone" with a Good Book

"When you're reading a good book it's not as lonely as staring out the window, even if you're doing it by yourself."

~ The words of my mother while speaking with her on the phone this afternoon.

We were talking about how playing a game on-line with others is nice for the social aspect, but there is something about playing a game you enjoy and getting into the characters.

I believe that this is an amazing thing: that we can feel a connection with others, even though we are not engaging with them, and even though they may not be real.

What is a book or game that you have slipped away into; though you were alone, you were not lonely?


  1. When I was a little girl I used to play pretend by myself in my room for hours. Now I hear my daughter do the same thing. The characters in her (and my) head are almost as sustaining as real people!

  2. Good point, Johanna, I wasn't even thinking about how we play as children.