The Freedom Tower Rising

"Freedom Tower Rising" Digital Art by Danielle Raver

After September 2011 I rarely have watched or paid attention to the news. It is too difficult to watch. So many of us had different reactions to the attack on the Twin Towers. I recently read the Yahoo! article link on the construction of the "Freedom Tower" on the ground zero site in New York. Reactions are just as varied now as they were ten years ago.

I still cry when I see pictures of the towers burning. I made myself look at them the other night. I asked myself "Why are you so upset? Why do you cry when you read 3000 people? That many people die every day, probably in Alabama alone." But I know it was the manner by which they died, suddenly and at the hand of terrorists. 

A mix of "feelings" are going into the construction of the Freedom Tower at ground zero. People have many "thoughts" - such as who was responsible, what should happen to the site, who or what should be allowed to be built near the area. I made this painting to express what lies underneath all these words.


  1. Wow! That's beautiful Danielle, both in what you wrote and your painting.

  2. What an amazing picture! You are a powerful artist. Your creativity is amazing.

  3. Beautul! I wish I had one-tenth of your talents, Danielle.