Giveaways and Reviews of Brother Betrayed and Tips for Authors

Thanks to all the fans who made Brother Betrayed a number one book on Amazon!

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Brother, Betrayed by Danielle Raver

Brother, Betrayed

by Danielle Raver

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Are you an author? Here's some tips for increasing book sales:

1)  Find the price "Sweet Spot" - putting your price at $.99 can allow you post your book onto many "Cheap Kindle Book" groups on Facebook, Goodreads, and other public forums. Once sales pick up you can increase the price.

2)  Create a blog and let readers know about you and your work. Make sure you feature links back to your book sale sites.
3)  Have a cover that appeals to your target audience. I found my cover artist (the fabulous Walt Barna) through Deviant Art, a great community for commissioning.

4)  Act like an author, not a salesman - if all you do is spam on Twitter, Facebook, and book forums, then most people will ignore you. Post links to your work, but find other things to announce and discuss.

5)  Increase your local audience - send author updates to the culture section of your local newspaper. They may or may not publish all of them - but if they do it's free publicity! 

New Reviews of Brother Betrayed

Five Star Review on Amazon:
I just finished Brother Betrayed by the amazing author Danielle Raver, and give it a full 5 Stars! It was a well crafted fantasy novel, filled with characters that came to life on the pages, especially the three princes! It is a large story, and one that takes the reader along for adventure, political intrigue, love, and betrayal. I recommend this book to anyone who likes traditional fantasy on a grand scale.
- Dean Lappi author of Black Numbers

Five Star Review on Amazon:
I didn't have huge expectations when I downloaded this book, but absolutely loved it. I think it clearly depicted the differences between three brothers, and how small personality conflicts as young men can quickly become kingdom-rending during times of war.
- Kenneth Hudley

Five Star Review on Amazon:
'Brother Betrayed' is a fantasy adventure about three young princes. Whilst exploring the lands of their kingdom, one day they come across a mysterious woman who tells them that one day one of the brothers is going to be betray the others, and since then the brothers had been perturbed and uneasy. To an action fan like me, the first half of the book seemed a bit slow-paced, but in the second half there are a lot of epic battles and many intense moments, moments that get you to wonder of how the events will turn out. Action, however, is not the highlight of this book. The highlight to me was how well the major characters were developed, especially the three brothers, and the chemistry between them. It truly felt like they were real people. This is a solid fantasy adventure story. 
- Matthew Ashworth author of the Melancholy Wing series

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  1. Congratulations on your book doing so well! That's really great! :)

  2. Wow! Danielle! That is wonderful--a testament to your talent and your hard work. Congrats! :-)

  3. Thanks for the tips. I should definitely tell the lOcal newspaper about my book.