Author Lunch with Joan Hazel

I recently met fellow fantasy author and southern Alabamian Joan Hazel. It was amazing to find someone else I have so much in common with.

We met at a Japanese restaurant in Troy and sparked off conversations about our books right away. There were several times in the conversation that I was thinking "No way.... she is taking words straight out of my head!"

Joan seems very passionate about the characters in her work in progress, The Last Guardian. She talks about them as if they were dear friends. It is a novel about races of shape shifters, the main characters coming from the different clans. I am looking forward to reading it when she releases it, and also to meeting with her again to talk "shop".

Find out more about Hazel on her website
Or her blog "Mama Joan Explains it All"
And be sure to visit her Facebook fan page for "The Last Guardian"

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