Social Media for Authors Pt. 3: Facebook for Beginning Authors

A peak at Rachel Tsoumbakos' blog post for the traveling blog series "Social Media for Authors" For the first two parts visit:

Part One: A New Star in the Twitterverse
Part Two: Facebook Fan Page Fanatic

As an author, Facebook can be an important tool. So many people use this social network now that people just as often ask if you have a Facebook page as they ask for your website or blog address. And there is now so many ways in which as author can promote their books with this tool.
So what can you do with your Facebook account?

Facebook under your author name
This may be different to your actual name, and sometimes this is better. While, at first, it may be pretty awesome to have people friend requesting you because you are an author, sometimes you may not want to share everything with strangers. There is an option to categorize everyone into different groups and then prioritize what these groups can and can't see on your Facebook page. Now that you have a Facebook account, it will be invaluable to announce to....

For the complete version visit Rachel Tsoumbakos' Blog

Rachel is a friend and a fellow author at Fantasy Island Book Publishing. I highly recommend her book, Emeline and the Mutants to fans of post-apocalyptic style stories.


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