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A collection of favorite quotes from readers of Brother, Betrayed. To have your quote featured here, send your name and the quote to danielle.raver (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Pame Albacete's favorite quote
From Chapter 18 of Brother, Betrayed "Disgrace":
“On my honor as a son of the king, a prince of Arnith, I swear that Denire, Knight of Arnith, never fell from his duty. I pledge my life that if he is to be found guilty, then so must I.” There were gasps throughout the hall. “I beg for a lesser sentence, if he must be punished for dissatisfying the king. To protect his honor, I swear to face the same punishment he will.” 

Alison DeLuca's favorite quote
From Chapter 26 of Brother, Betrayed "Syah's Vigil":
Syah paused before continuing, studying the weathered soldier before him closely. “How could you do it? How could you follow orders with the knowledge that they will lead you to certain death?”
“When the moment comes, a true soldier does not think of his own life. He thinks of his comrades, of loyalty and the glory of battle.”

Connie J. Jasperson's favorite quote
From Chapter 32 of Brother, Betrayed "Protection":
“… No Arnithan will ever speak of your courage, no bard will ever sing of your deeds. For no one but the enemy will survive. Therefore we will give them a battle so horrible that they will never speak of it. Today I ask you to join me out of vengeance. Let their memories of us be so terrible that they will never dare to sing of their victory for fear that they will wake our ghosts! Follow me,” the king proclaimed as he discarded cumbersome armor and shield, “into our enemies nightmares where we will never sleep!

Terese Logsdon's favorite quote
From Chapter 40 of Brother, Betrayed "Torture":
“How could he think I would threaten Arnith? I did what he sentenced me to; I’m an exile. What more does he have to take from me!” 

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