Back From Hiatus

I've taken about a year off from my fantasy writing. After publishing Brother Betrayed, I found that I needed some time to sort out the next book in my head before I continued revising it.

Something has changed in the past couple years with my writing. Though I can't define it exactly, I do have an idea what it is. It's happened to me before that after a hiatus from my book, I will return with new ideas, and almost a new style of writing. Part of me has grown older, more experienced, and when I re-read what I had previously written I see it is lacking some "spark" that I can now apply to it.

Some authors are able to write an entire novel in a couple months. For me this is impossible. I mull over scenes for years, figuring out the best way to put on paper what I see and hear in my head.

For those of you waiting my next novel, Fire Born, you'll be happy to know that most of that "mulling" has been completed. Now comes the task of getting it on paper.

I appreciate your patience. My books are pieces of my soul, and they don't come out easily.

Here's the new cover to Fire Born. The main character of this book is a dragon, set in the same world as Brother Betrayed, just at a later time.


  1. I am so happy to see your return to writing and blogging! You have always been one of my favorite authors. I think when you read your own work it does seem lackluster. Trust me, as a reader and a reviewer, I can SEE a spark there that is undeniable!

    1. Thank you Connie <3 I keep thinking about readers as I write this book, and the feedback I got from Brother Betrayed. I know it's impossible to please every reader. I'm just happy I found someone who can see things the way I meant them :)