Audio Book: Sample of Brother, Betrayed read by Andy Cresswell

I recently hired a British voice actor to read the introduction to my dark fantasy novel Brother, Betrayed.

It was quite an experience. After posting my job to I received over 30 auditions, many of which read my prologue and submitted it as their audio sample.

Andy Cresswell was immediately one of my favorites.

Andy is a stage and screen actor and also has done voice overs for commercials and audio books.

Visit to for more information on Andy and his projects.

Andy will be recording the rest of the audio book version of Brother, Betrayed later this year. The profits from the initial print sales will be used to fund the project.

Listen to a sample:

Complete reading of the Prologue to Brother, Betrayed:

Reading of the first half of Chapter One of Brother, Betrayed:


  1. I apologize for being direct....but the voice, the accent and the man is sexy.... ;) Great choice!!!!!!

  2. Danielle, I just signed up to follow you by email. When I've clicked on the regular option to follow a blog, it seems nothing happens. How does one know when a new post occurs? I'm still figuring this stuff out.

    I know you are a follower of my blog. Do you get notified when I do a new post? If one has to check manually, I think I like the email notices better.

  3. Danielle, I just listened to the audio version of your prologue for the first time - It is absolutely fantastic. I have never heard an audio book in my life. I love it and you picked the perfect actors.