I'm Being Featured on Freeland and Fiction

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Danielle Raver is our special guest today. Her fantasy novel, Brother, Betrayed, features one of my favorite character types: the anti-hero! I’ve always found anti-heroes to be far more interesting than straight up good guys. They have a darkness inside – maybe it’s just a touch, maybe it’s a bucketload – that really opens up the potential for drama. A good guy might refuse to take part in shady dealings. An anti-hero wouldn’t think twice until it was over, and then he would have to deal with not only the consequences of his actions, but possibly guilt, as well. The more complicated the protagonist's emotions, the more involved readers will be! (for more of the interview click here)


  1. Hi Danielle, I loved it. I like your take on the anti-hero. Excellent! Cheers, Dean

  2. It was a pleasure to have you on the blog, Danielle! Thanks so much for your wonderful interview.

    Best wishes,